VALORANT player discovers clever Raze anti-defuse strategy for Ascent’s B site

"Even if I go out, I'll go out with a bang."

Image via Riot Games

Defending the Spike in VALORANT is about to become a whole lot easier.

Twitch streamer AverageJonas showcased a savvy anti-defuse strategy on Ascent today, creating a tutorial for Raze mains to save the day.

For the strategy to work effectively, the attacking team needs to break through Ascent’s B site and plant on default behind the stacked crates. A Raze player then needs to safely make their way back to B Garage and wait for the defuse sound.

To throw a perfectly-placed grenade that will wipe out any defusers, jump on the Garage crate where the ultimate orb spawns. AverageJonas then specifically outlines where to line yourself up for the optimal angle. Players can jump in the air and toss their grenade on the way down, which will hit off a wall and land directly on the default spot.

If there are still enemies on site, Raze mains can then turn to their Blast Packs. Jump down to the shorter fish crate and align yourself correctly, looking at a crack in the window. When you throw your Blast Packs, they’ll land directly on the Spike. Detonate the satchel a little bit before the halfway mark and take out your opponents before they know what hit them.

This strategy is a safe way to defend the Spike without putting yourself in danger or in a compromised position.

Fans who want to learn more interesting plays on other agents can tune into AverageJonas’ Twitch channel.