VALORANT player defuses Spike at last possible moment in competitive game

They pulled it off with one one hundredth of a second left on the clock.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player took their defusing effort at the end of a round all the way down to the wire and safely defused the Spike with 00.01 seconds left on the round’s timer, in a clip posted to Reddit earlier this week.

The clip opens with a Sage player making their way around the back end of C Site on Haven. One of their teammates, an Omen player, was picked off mid-defuse by an enemy Phoenix that emerged from a nearby smoke. Once the Sage player snagged a return kill on the Phoenix, they turned to the Spike. 

At this point, just over seven seconds remained on the round’s timer, and the ticking noise that alerts players to the status of the Spike began to tick rapidly. Still, the Sage player remained stalwart, knowing they’d have to pull off one of the tightest defuse attempts that a VALORANT player could execute to win the round.

Since it would take longer to get out of the spike’s detonation radius than it would to defuse the spike, the player made the conscious effort to spend their final seven seconds in the round disarming the Spike, and they won the round for their team with just one-hundredth of a second remaining on the clock.

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