VALORANT player creates screensaver with agent flashes

Embrace the flashes.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player created a screensaver that transitions through each type of flash featured in the game.

Flashes in VALORANT can be frustrating since they obscure vision and prevent you from engaging the enemy. Multiple flashes are also uncomfortable to look at and most players avoid them at all costs. They can leave you vulnerable as an easy kill, which is never a fun experience. 

One player named improvisedPizza decided to embrace the flashes by creating a custom screensaver featuring every flash in the game. The screensaver cycles through each type of flash and does the opposite of what most other screensavers do by saving your eyes. 

The player uploaded an image of each flash, set their computer to cycle through each image, and sat back and watched the monstrosity they created. Some flashes aren’t as obnoxious as others, though. And some players even commented about Yoru’s flash being prettier than the others. 

Several agents can flash in VALORANT and the new killer robot KAY/O also has a flash grenade that’s perfect for blinding enemies. Some flashes are easy to avoid if timed correctly and some can even be destroyed. Others are terrible and debilitating, like when Breach flashes through a wall. 

The screensaver is a nice choice for players who want to maintain a VALORANT theme on their computer, although it might bring back frightening memories for some users.