VALORANT player attaches Cypher Spy Cam to Skye’s flash

Skye's flash is more useful than you think.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player accidentally discovered that Cypher’s Spy Cam can be attached to Skye’s flash ability while in the air. 

Cypher’s Spy Cam is an excellent piece of utility that can help cover a site and track enemies while hiding. Learning the best spots to place the camera around each map is a crucial part of being a good Cypher player. And one player recently stumbled upon the realization that Cypher’s camera can be placed on Skye’s flash ability while it flies in the air. 

The Cypher player attempted to place their camera on a site to try to highlight the hidden enemies and help their team push into the area. The Skye player also used their flash simultaneously, which crossed paths with Cypher’s camera. Instead of attaching to a wall, the camera attached to the flash and remained in the air and could be used normally. 

This maneuver potentially allows for Cypher players to place their cameras in unexpected and normally unreachable places. Skye can control her flash ability and can help get the camera into useful spots. 

But this is likely an unintended glitch since it creates an unfair advantage for Cypher because his camera will be tough to find and destroy. A similar glitch allowed Cypher to place his camera on weapons thrown in the air, which was eventually patched. 

In the meantime, be careful if you encounter a Cypher and Skye duo pushing sites together—and always listen for Cypher’s camera.

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