VALORANT is down on APAC and SEA servers for emergency maintenance

Riot will update players as fixes roll in.

Image via Riot Games

Any players looking to try out VALORANT on the APAC and SEA servers are going to have to wait a bit before they can hop into battle. Riot Games said earlier today that those servers are down for maintenance after various problems plagued users on launch.

These issues have affected multiple people across the globe, too. The European servers also went down today after several users reported instability issues that prevented them from enjoying the game.

Today marked the first day of VALORANT’s official release after more than a full month of closed beta access. With thousands of new players likely trying to get onto Riot’s servers, server problems were almost inevitable due to the game’s popularity.

Server issues aren’t new for Riot aficionados, though. The developers’ other popular title, League of Legends, has been constantly on the hot seat for server issues and lag problems. Riot will work to solve these issues as they pop up, however.

Riot also promised to deploy more servers in various countries across the world to ensure better connection for players close to major city centers.

You can check on the status of the VALORANT servers on Riot’s official support Twitter or status page.