VALORANT fan shows how to stop Omens from abusing the outside-the-map bug

Stop the Omens.

Image via Riot Games

Since the release of VALORANT’s beta earlier in April, Omen has been the centerpiece of multiple bugs.

Some reports showed Omen could scale walls while others indicated that he could go outside of the maps and abuse the bug to gain an advantage. But one VALORANT fan recently shared their way of stopping Omen players from going off the map since playing with a cheater is almost as bad as playing against one.

The clip featured three players who noticed their Omen and Sage were up to something shady. The group realized the two of them were going toward the edge of the attackers’ spawn to abuse a bug that allows Omen to shoot enemies from outside of the map.

The players quickly bought Heavy guns and shot Sage’s Barrier Orb to break it, which caused Omen to fall off the map. “He’s gone, he’s gone to hell,” Cypher said while Omen kept on falling deeper towards the center of the map.

Though Omen used his ultimate, From the Shadows, to teleport and save himself from the bottom of the map, it’s refreshing to see that some players will take action against cheaters even if they’re on their own team.

While Riot hasn’t officially commented on bugs surrounding Omen, it’s not unusual for a game in beta to have issues like this. VALORANT’s closed beta only launched a month ago and the developer still has more than enough time to fix everything before the game’s planned launch this summer.