VALORANT fan finds creative way to open doors with Cypher’s Spycam

"Open sesame."

Image via Riot Games

Using agents’ abilities to give yourself a positioning advantage is a key part of securing rounds in VALORANT.

Though the number of agents and maps is limited right now, this makes it easier for players to find tricks and grasp VALORANT’s mechanics. A fan recently shared a way to open teleport doors with Cypher’s Spycam, which allows the agent to place a camera and shoot marking darts.

Cypher can place a Spycam at an angle that directly covers the door of the teleporter located in the middle of Bind. Teleport doors can only be opened from the inside and it normally isn’t possible to get inside one from the outside by just walking in. But this Cypher player switched to his Spycam and shot a marking dart at the door, which opened it for approximately six seconds. 

There are many ways that players can make use of this trick. It can be used to open the portal to catch an enemy off guard who’s waiting for the best time to strike or trick opponents into thinking someone’s coming out of the portal.

Though it may seem difficult to pull off since it requires a certain time investment to place it after the round starts, it might be surprisingly easy once Cypher collaborates with other agents.

This interaction shows that any projectile that hits the door will open it. Sova’s arrow, Phoenix’s Hot Hands, and Sage’s Slow Orb are just some of the examples that can trigger the teleport door. Cypher could even place his Spycam while another agent that can open the door helps him out.

Alongside placing smart Spycams and giving your team a vision advantage, Cypher’s trapwire can also be used to create spiderwebs that make it significantly harder for enemies to enter bombsites.

VALORANT’s full release is planned for this summer.