VALORANT Episode 2, Act 3 is now live

A new act is finally here.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Episode Two, Act Three is finally here and fans can now enjoy a new map and battle pass.

One of the most significant updates in Act Three is Breeze, a new tropical-themed map that’s a drastic change from the existing map pool. Breeze is perfect for long-range engagements with its large open areas and new agents and strategies will likely shine on the battlefield. 

Act Three also features a new battle pass that includes gun skins, Radiant Points, gun buddies, cards, titles, and sprays. There’s a free track with fewer rewards for players who don’t want to purchase the pass, while the premium version costs 1,000 VALORANT Points. 

The battle pass includes three weapon thematics that are perfect for Breeze. Players can unlock the Depth, Lightwave, and Songsteel skins from the pass. 

The Forsaken Collection is also available alongside Act Three and provides a darker take on the existing Sovereign gun skins. The new bundle will be available for 7,100 VP and includes a player card, spray, and gun buddy. Players also can buy the skins individually, but the bundle is typically the cheaper option for fans who want them all.

Unlike Act Two, no new agent is coming in Act Three. Astra remains the latest agent introduced to VALORANT and players who have overlooked her can learn her playstyle while grinding through the new battle pass. 

Act Three will conclude on June 21, so make sure to grind your battle pass rewards before it ends. 

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