VALORANT Act III is now live in NA, BR, and LATAM, introducing Icebox and a new battle pass

Riot is staggering Act III's release in other regions.

Image via Riot Games

Winter’s come early.

VALORANT‘s Act III is now live in the North American, Brazilian, and Latin American servers. Players can jump into the new snowy map, Icebox, and get their hands on a fresh battle pass. Ranked won’t be available until the patch is completely stable, though, Riot said.

The patch will be rolled out to the KR, JP, OCE, and APAC regions soon, followed by EU, TR, MENA, and CIS.

Icebox will feature numerous tight angles and choke points, as well as plenty of verticality. The new map also introduces zip lines that you can use to scale A site. But be careful—they make a lot of noise.

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Fans can also pick up the new battle pass for 1,000 VP ($10), which will include various weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, player cards, and Radianite Points. And VALORANT‘s first Exclusive Edition skin line, Singularity, also debuts. Players can shell out Radianite to upgrade Singularity weapons for a unique finisher that sucks enemies up into a black hole.

Players eager to test out Skye, the new agent, will have to wait until Oct. 27. Riot wants to make sure the patch is stable before introducing a new addition to the cast.