Twitch Rivals VALORANT tournament scores and results

Summit1g and TimTheTatman are among the competitors.

Image via Twitch Rivals

Riot Games’ new first-person shooter VALORANT might only be in beta, but that isn’t keeping Twitch Rivals from hosting an influencer-driven tournament for the game today to promote beta access via drops that are active on the platform. 

The event has eight teams that will play in two groups of four. Group play for the event is being played with a round-robin style format followed by a playoff with all matches being a best-of-one game. 

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Some of the Twitch partners involved in this event include TimTheTatman and Summit1g. People who want to get a chance at gaining access to the game’s closed beta can get that opportunity by watching any streamer in the competition or Twitch Rivals’ official channel. 

This story will be updated throughout the day with scores and results from the competition that begins at 3pm CT.

  • Team TimTheTatman 13 – Team Yassuo 2
  • Team Hiko 13 – Team Summit1g 1
  • Team AnneMunition 13 – Team Bnans 5
  • Team MissHarvey 1 – Team Jakenbake 13
  • Summit1g 2 – TimTheTatman 13
  • Yassuo 5 – Hiko 13
  • Jakenbake 13 – AnneMunition 3
  • Bnans 13 – MissHarvey 3