Today’s VALORANT patch fixes ping spam issue that causes frame drops

The patch is now live.

Image via Riot Games

While Raze and Sage nerfs may highlight today’s VALORANT patch, one bug fix should instantly improve the game’s quality of life.

VALORANT game director Ziegler informed fans today that the ping spam issue will be fixed in the latest patch. 

Prior to the patch, there was no cap on the number of times players could ping the spike or a weapon on the ground. Without a limit, players could spam ping and cause the frame rate of their team to drop below 30 FPS. In addition to the reduction of frames, spam pinging also caused constant voice lines to play and filled chat with notifications.

While the issue was funny at first, some players began using it to grief and annoy their teammates.

The patch will remove the ping spam issue, however. Now, there will be a limit to how many times players can ping an item, similar to the cap placed on pinging locations.

VALORANT fans interested in other changes coming to the tactical first-person shooter can check out the full update version 0.47 notes.