Time In upset by Sandwich Eaters 40 in VCT Qualifier

Ninja's team is out of this qualifier.

Screengrab via Ninja

Time In, the VALORANT team headlined by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, has been upset in the first round of Champions Tour North America Stage One: Challengers One in the round of 128 by Sandwich Eaters 40.

Time In kept the score close in round count, but they were beaten 2-0 in maps. They lost 13-10 on Ascent and 13-9 on Bind.

This isn't the end of the road for Time In, though. There will be many other qualifiers to come, and they weren't blown out in any of the maps. The fact remains that it is still a significant upset, as Time In are known to not be slouches.

Time In have beaten Complexity, Gen.G, FaZe Clan, and Renegades during the time they've been playing together. All of their major victories have come in the best-of-one format. The current Challengers format is all best-of-three matches.