T1 Food hits Radiant rank in VALORANT after 18 hours


Screengrab via T1

During a grueling “Radiant or 24 Hour Stream,” T1 VALORANT pro Food achieved the top rank in just under 18 hours.

The pro hit Radiant after a one-sided victory earlier today, besting his opponents 13-4 with the help of 100 Thieves’ Hiko. Food may be the first NA player to achieve the coveted rank, though it’s difficult to confirm without live leaderboards.

“Give it to me, give it to me,” Food said while waiting for his rank to update. “Oh, Radiant… Oh, shit.”

VALORANT’s ranked mode went live yesterday when Riot deemed Patch 1.02 stable enough to enable it. After winning all five of his placement matches, Food earned Immortal rank. The 23-year-old mixed it up, playing agents like Omen, Raze, and Reyna until finally hitting Radiant at the 18-hour mark of his stream.

Food was the fourth starting player to be signed by T1, joining Brax, AZK, and crashies. Former CS:GO pro Ska completed T1’s five-man VALORANT roster shortly after.

Food fans who want to watch the former CS:GO pro in action can tune into his Twitch stream.