SuperMassive Blaze’s Russ pulls off ace against Guild Esports

SMB have another chance in the lower bracket.

Image via Riot Games

SuperMassive Blaze’s Batuhan “russ” Malgaç secured an ace against Guild Esports in the VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA Last Chance Qualifier. 

Eight teams are in the process of fighting for a spot in the VALORANT Champions tournament later this year in the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifer. SuperMassive Blaze faced Guild Esports yesterday in their first match of the event, which was a relatively close series. 

SMB defeated Guild 13-8 on Breeze before going to Icebox. And the start of the second game made it look like SMB were going to take the series 2-0, especially when russ secured an ace while defending B site in round two. 

Guild managed to plant the Spike and were attempting to defend it from SMB. But they lost the pistol round and weren’t fully equipped. Russ took advantage of this by pushing aggressively to engage the enemy. He quickly eliminated two players and used Reyna’s Devour ability to heal himself before fighting the rest of the team. The remaining players couldn’t escape his wrath and he killed the final player with the last bullet in his magazine. 

Despite this impressive ace, SMB ultimately lost the map in overtime and couldn’t recover on Split. But they aren’t out of the tournament yet and have a chance to make it through the lower bracket. 

SMB will play One Breath Gaming today at 12pm CT. Guild will face Team Liquid in the upper bracket semifinals tomorrow at 12pm CT. 

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