Stewie2k says VALORANT players who just focus on aim could be filtered out in future

Aim is only part of the equation.

Photo via DreamHack

Counter-Strike pro Stewie2k recently gave his thoughts on why players who solely focus on aim and gun skill will only be able to get so far in VALORANT

VALORANT is a tactical FPS that requires players to master multiple skills to succeed. Players must be able to win gunfights and master each weapon while also understanding how and when to use their abilities. They must also understand how to maintain a healthy economy and work as a team to defeat the enemy. But some players only focus on improving their aim and fail to develop other skills, which won’t be enough in the long run, according to Stewie2k.

Stewie commented on up-and-coming players looking up to TenZ, Sentinels’ star player known for his incredible aim and talent, and trying to replicate his raw skills. While this could lead to improvements to their aim and mechanics, they might still be missing the core skills needed to succeed. And down the line in VALORANT, Stewie doesn’t think this will be enough to make it to the top. 

“Don’t get me wrong, people’s mechanics are insane,” Stewie said. “Their aim is insane. But I feel like it’s all if they can learn about the game. Only so many players are capable of picking up the game naturally and understanding it.” 

Stewie explained how this also occurs in Counter-Strike since understanding how to play a tactical shooter is an overlooked skill by players solely focused on their aim and movement. To succeed, mastering other skills like economic management, using utilities efficiently, and building general game sense alongside gun skill and aim is required.

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