Sova’s Recon Bolt can attach to Skye’s ultimate ability in VALORANT

Track enemies with this trick.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player discovered Sova’s Recon Bolt can attach to Skye’s ultimate ability and highlight enemies as it moves. 

The Sova player fired their Recon Bolt to highlight enemies before their teammates pushed into an area. Their teammate activated Skye’s ultimate ability at the same time, creating three seekers that track enemy players. The Recon Bolt accidentally attached to a seeker and created a mobile Recon Bolt. 

The seeker found an enemy and highlighted the player on the mini-map. This allowed the team to secure an easy kill and track the confused opponent. The team did not intend to stick the Recon Bolt to the seeker, but it worked in their favor. 

Other players confirmed the Recon Bolt can be attached to different abilities like Raze’s Boom Bot. The bolt can also attach to enemy players or abilities, like Sova’s Owl Drone. But the same tactic cannot work with a friendly drone, which prevents it from being a consistent strategy. 

Attaching the bolt to Skye’s seekers can be a valuable trick but is a situational tactic. Most players immediately shoot the seekers, but the bolt can still mark them on the map if they allow them to get close. Skye also needs her ultimate ability, which is usually only available a few times per match. 

Teams attempting to use this strategy need to push with the seeker to capitalize on the marked enemies. Don’t be surprised if the trick only works once per match. 

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