Sova player discovers Recon Bolt angle from C long to A site on Haven

This spot can be useful in certain situations.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Sova is a powerful VALORANT agent with unique abilities to gather intel on the enemy team. His Recon Bolt can highlight enemies before pushing a site or keep track of their location on other parts of the map.

One player discovered a new tactic that allows players to fire Sova’s Recon Bolt from C long to A site on Haven to distract enemies or see how many people are still on the site. 

The player uploaded a clip explaining how to line up the shot from C long. Sova players just need to stand in the corner of C long and fire the bolt at a stone statue. The bolt will bounce off the stone and fly across the map into A site. This will highlight any enemies in the area and give players a better understanding of their positions. 

Players can use this tactic to trick enemies into thinking they’re pushing the A site, although this won’t work by itself at higher levels. Most players will notice where the bolt came from and are unlikely to call for their teammates’ help. But if players combine the strat with one person faking a push into the A site, it might be enough to drag a few people off another site. 

This tactic can also be used by lurking Sova players to help their team take A site while securing easy picks on rotating players. This spot is situational, though, so don’t expect it to be useful in every match.