Singaporean VALORANT player accused of match-fixing during Ignition Series

Germsg and Riot haven't responded to the accusations yet.

Image via Riot Games

A Singaporean VALORANT player who competed in the Ignition Series has been accused of match-fixing and betting on the opposing team to win. 

Germsg, a VALORANT player who’s competed in multiple tournaments and events, has reportedly fixed matches and made profits by betting on the other team. 

Calel, a VALORANT player based in Singapore, released a Google Doc earlier today providing evidence of germsg allegedly throwing matches to win money off of several bets. A screengrab shows germsg allegedly placing multiple bets on BlackBird Ignis to beat Resurgence, the team he played for at the time, during the EPULZE Royal SEA Cup. This event was part of the VALORANT Ignition Series and Vision Strikers went on to win the tournament. 

Other screengrabs between germsg and an unknown party show germsg mentioning that he wasn’t trying at all and referencing his low kill-death ratio in the match. One screengrab also included what’s supposedly a message from germsg’s manager, who doesn’t suspect any foul play.

Germsg now plays for Team 600, who most recently competed in the VALORANT Champions Tour Malaysia and Singapore Stage Two Challengers Two event. There isn’t any evidence provided for further match-fixing, but if the provided evidence is authentic, it’s unknown exactly how many matches were purposely thrown. 

Germsg has not responded to these accusations yet. It’s unclear how authentic the provided evidence is but the usernames appear to be similar across all of germsg’s supposed accounts.

Riot Games has not responded to the accusations either, but there’s likely enough evidence for an investigation. 

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