Shroud says there’s “no way” VALORANT has a CS:GO style market for skins

"There's no way they would ever do something like Valve."

Image via Riot Games

With the highly-anticipated beta for VALORANT coming out soon, numerous streamers have spent time talking about what sort of potential the game holds. And yesterday, shroud took a moment to stop a certain type of speculation dead in its tracks. 

Even though the general public hasn’t been able to see much of VALORANT yet, many gamers have already compared it to CS:GO. With an abundance of similarities, some are drawing conclusions about what Riot Games might do with the game. 

One fan in shroud’s chat recently suggested that VALORANT could mimic CS:GO’s marketplace for in-game skins and cosmetics. The fallacy here is that because the games have some similarities, there must be more similarities that will manifest themselves.

Shroud was quick to debunk the idea that VALORANT would emulate CS:GO’s skin economy, though, noting that Riot as a publisher doesn’t run its operations the same as Valve, which makes CS:GO

“There’s no way they would ever do something like Valve,” shroud said. “Valve is very unique with their skin economy. I don’t think we’re going to see any other game company or game in general do that again. That’s super, super unique, and it’s something that makes Steam and Valve so successful.”

Riot previously confirmed that it didn’t plan on making loot boxes or agent skins for VALORANT. Instead, the developer intends on making weapon skins.

While shroud showed respect to the way that Valve runs the CS:GO economy, he was skeptical of any other company or game trying to replicate the system CS:GO has put together.

“The economy that’s going on inside the games, whether it’s stickers, emojis, wallpapers,” he said. “That shit is what’s keeping Steam and Valve alive, but I also think it’s a risk of any other game developer to attempt.”