Shroud counts down before killing an enemy in VALORANT and clutches the round

The former pro still has it.

Shroud vs. Ninja
Photo via ECS

Former CS:GO professional Shroud counted down from three before killing a player today in VALORANT and clutched a one-vs-four situation. 

Shroud was in a two-vs-four scenario near the A bombsite on Bind. The enemy team was playing aggressively and pushing their position to try to end the round. Shroud eliminated the enemy Cypher as he peaked his position and focused his attention on the remaining players. 

The enemy Sage killed Shroud’s teammate, but he was able to trade the kill and brought it to a one-vs-two situation. Shroud immediately turned around to check his flank since he assumed an enemy was going to push. 

Shroud was so confident about the enemy’s plan that he counted down from three and perfectly predicted when the opponent would peek. Shroud instantly killed the player and went on to win the round. The final kill wasn’t included in the clip, but Shroud confirmed the outcome in a reply

Shroud is a former CS:GO player who obviously still has a tremendous amount of skill. He’s said that he’d love to compete professionally again, but he doesn’t want to jeopardize his streaming career. 

He’s also discussed how much he enjoys VALORANT and has streamed the game constantly since its release. But Shroud has been critical of the game at times and even said it wasn’t ready for a full release. He seems to still enjoy his time playing VALORANT, however. 

The popular player may not make an appearance on the main stage anytime soon, but fans can still see incredible VALORANT plays during his streams.