ShahZaM responds to fans claiming ping helped Sentinels take down 100 Thieves

Ping likely had no impact on the outcome.

Photo via Sentinels

Sentinels VALORANT player ShahZaM has responded to fans claiming ping helped his team beat 100 Thieves in the VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers Two event over the weekend. ShahZaM explained that 100 Thieves picked the server for the match and said it had no impact on the outcome of the series. 

Sentinels faced 100 Thieves in the lower bracket of the VCT North American Stage One: Challengers Two event. The winner of the match would secure their spot in the first Masters event, while the loser would be forced to try again in the next qualifier. 

Sentinels defeated 100 Thieves 2-0 in a relatively one-sided series and locked in their spot in the Masters event. But many 100 Thieves fans were unhappy with the result and claimed that ping affected the outcome. 

Some of these fans brought up ping in ShahZaM’s stream, but he quickly dismissed the accusations and explained how it had no effect. 100 Thieves picked the server for the match, which was Texas. Most of the Sentinels roster is located in Texas, but ShahZaM explained how the team doesn’t have ping issues on most servers. 

100 Thieves likely picked the Texas server since most of the team is scattered around the U.S. The central server should help balance the connection for the team and prevents any player from being at a huge disadvantage. 

It’s unlikely that ping contributed to Sentinels’ victory. Overzealous fans might just be looking for a reason to justify 100 Thieves’ loss.

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