ScreaM: ‘I wish shooting mattered a bit more in VALORANT’

The veteran player thinks the game needs a few adjustments.

Photo via Dreamhack

Professional VALORANT player ScreaM expressed his feelings about the game this morning and said he wishes the shooting mechanics mattered more.

ScreaM believes the slow movement, tagging, and aim punch are “crazy” and “makes the game so easy for everyone.” He explained that a few adjustments would make VALORANT perfect and raise the skill ceiling. 

ScreaM was an accomplished CS:GO player before he retired to focus on VALORANT last fall. His years of CS experience were perfect for the new game, but they also gave him insight into where VALORANT can be improved. 

CS:GO is known for its unforgiving nature and high skill ceiling, which only allows the best players to make it to the top. The CS:GO gun mechanics are also harder to master since each weapon is tough to control. 

VALORANT also introduced abilities that significantly change the way players approach situations. These abilities can negate raw skill and allow less-skilled players to excel if they know how to use an agent properly. 

VALORANT is considered easier for most CS veterans and many believe the skill ceiling is much higher in the new title. But ScreaM thinks that not all hope is lost and that the game can be slightly changed to make it more difficult and balanced. 

It's unclear if Riot Games intends to adjust VALORANT or plans to keep the core mechanics the same. Riot has made several changes since the game was released, so it's possible that fans could see significant adjustments in the future.

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