Sage receives another nerf in VALORANT Patch 1.01

VALORANT's resident healer has been hit with the nerfhammer again.

Image via Riot Games

Sorry, Sage players, but your favorite agent is getting another nerf to start off the month of June. In VALORANT Patch 1.01, the popular Sentinel is receiving a cast range decrease to her Barrier Orb to lower her control of areas that she isn’t even in.

“The 20 meter cast range was allowing Sage to aggressively take control of neutral territory in a way that was inappropriate for her role in VALORANT,” Riot Games said in the official patch notes. “This range reduction aims to keep her strong while defending territory but reduce her efficacy at taking ground.”

Last time around, Sage was also hit with a ton of nerfs to lower her efficiency at stalling out pushes with her various utility. From the closed beta until now, however, she’s remained the most important pick to have in any team composition due to her healing abilities and resurrection ultimate.

Sage isn’t the only thing getting changed in Patch 1.01, though. The Spike Rush game mode will now feature a set of five randomly selected orbs. There are also three new orb types, including the Golden Gun orb, which gives a player a gun that kills an enemy in one shot, is perfectly accurate at all times, but only has one bullet in the chamber and two backup rounds.

Riot is also making some performance updates to the game to help it run a bit smoother on mid to high spec computers. Lower spec computers will also feel these effects but mostly during combat situations.

There were also a plethora of bug fixes in this patch, including a fix for the broken Cypher trick where he could use his Spycam to see under the entire map on Bind.