Riot teases upcoming 2021 VALORANT content in latest developer blog

Get your wallets ready for next year.

Image via Riot Games

If you were a fan of VALORANT’s skin lines this year, you’re in luck. In Riot’s latest blog, the game’s developers unveiled a few quick teasers for some upcoming content in 2021.

The premium content team has been hard at work since VALORANT’s official release earlier this year. After several months, the team has released 26 unique skin lines with over 130 gun skins, three battle passes, and 13 character contracts.

Next year, Riot is adding a special new gun buddy, a yellow and green Judge skin, a graffiti-themed Operator skin, and a sleek, pink-colored Phantom. There’s also a multi-colored Odin skin that’s similar in design to a Nerf gun.

Although it wasn’t confirmed in the blog post, these could all be part of bigger skin lines that will be dropping next year. Riot even previewed a new spray of an alien-like creature eating strawberry jam from a jar.

Riot has always had a good reputation when it comes to in-game cosmetics, especially with the work its teams have done with League of Legends. The only gripe that many people have with the skins is some of the price ranges, but those could change with time.