Riot ships major changes to 3 VALORANT agents in Patch 5.10

This could shake up the roster.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 5.10 brings significant updates to three agents.

The devs are targeting Cypher, Fade, and Harbor with a series of balance changes in the latest patch, which is expected to hit the live servers today in North America.

When it comes to Cypher, the devs admit the agent isn’t in the spot they’d like him to be in. The Moroccan agent has been on the sidelines thanks to the popularity of Chamber and Cypher, who are both counters. To improve his impact on the roster, the devs are making changes to his Trapwire and Neural Theft.

Riot Games is increasing the range of Trapwire from 1000 to 1500. Neural Theft, on the other hand, will now reveal enemies two times, instead of once. But there will be a four-second delay between the reveals. Furthermore, there will be no time restriction to cast on enemy corpses, and the cast distance will be increased to 1800 as well.

Harbor is also going to see a buff in Patch 5.10, with his Cascade now having two purchasable charges instead of just one. This should allow him to make more of an impact on the battlefield.

Fade, meanwhile, is being targeted with the nerf hammer. The devs claim the agent’s Prowlers has been difficult to play against, so they’re reducing its duration to 2.5 seconds as well as near-sight duration on hit to 2.75 seconds. The delay on bite after reaching the target is also being increased to 0.6 seconds, and Prowlers will now fizzle out and won’t debuff enemies if teleported before the animation is finished. Fade’s ultimate, Nightfall, will see its cost increased to eight as well.

To top it all over, the devs teased Chamber will receive changes in the near future. It, however, remains to be seen when the details of these changes will be revealed.