Riot reduces slowdown effect when being shot in VALORANT Patch 1.02

Tagging should be more forgiving.

Image via Riot Games

Escaping enemy fire is going to be a bit easier in VALORANT.

Riot Games is updating tagging, or the slowdown effect when hit by enemy fire, according to today’s notes for VALORANT Patch 1.02. Getting shot should now be more forgiving, giving you the opportunity to flee, reset, and reposition yourself.

Image via Riot Games

“If you are positioned close to cover, this should allow you to potentially escape when tagged more frequently than before,” Riot said. “Also, the effects of being tagged should feel less jarring especially when playing with higher ping.”

The tagging movement speed reduction is dropping from 80 to 70 percent in the upcoming patch. And the slowdown when being shot through walls is going from 35 to 25 percent. VALORANT devs also increased how long it takes players to reach the “desired slow amount” when being shot by 100 percent.

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While this will certainly help players who are close to cover, precise aim will still be rewarded. If a player lands a perfect headshot, there’s little you can do to escape that. And players tagged out in the open will still be slowed considerably, making it difficult to find cover.