Riot re-enables Killjoy in VALORANT, patches bugs involving Sage and Omen

That's good.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Killjoy has been re-enabled in VALORANT a day after Riot Games took the agent out of the pool to fix a game-breaking bug.

In addition to Killjoy’s comeback, Riot said it addressed bugs with Sage and Omen, meaning all three agents should be working as intended now.

Killjoy was disabled in the game yesterday after users reported a bug in which players could place turrets underneath the map. Those who abused the mechanic could essentially shut down an area of the map with an invisible turret. Similar bugs involving Killjoy’s turrets had previously been discovered on other maps.

As for Sage and Omen, the big issue revolved around the two agents working together to help Omen teleport to “inappropriate places.”

Players had discovered ways for Sage to use her barrier before the round began to help Omen teleport through the spawn barrier. This allowed Omen to have free reign over the map and surprise opponents who did not expect him to be so close so early in the round.