Riot promises great game server quality and framework for VALORANT players worldwide

Lag and peeker's advantage shouldn't be a problem for most VALORANT players.

Image via Riot Games

As we learn more about Riot Games’ new first-person shooter, VALORANT, many players are already wondering how the developers will handle the huge player base that’s sure to follow once the game officially drops later this year.

Rest assured, though. The game’s server quality and infrastructure were always on top of the to-do list for Riot and they’ll be powerful enough to handle a worldwide release.

Riot is implementing 128-tick servers for all players for free. This will automatically upscale opponents who are lagging so their movement will still be smooth for other players.

Riot has also been working with various ISPs around the world to set up peering arrangements to get players onto the Riot network, also known as Riot Direct. The company’s network now reaches 35 major cities across the globe to maintain at least 35ms ping or less for at least 70 percent of all players.

This network should also allow Riot to fix broken routes, balance congested routes, and even add more circuits to allow more people to play when that becomes necessary.

All of these improvements are in place to battle against a common issue in most first-person shooters: peeker’s advantage. This occurs whenever there are server or network issues in a game that allows an attacking player to shoot another player before they have a chance to react. By installing such drastic measures, each game should prevent these from happening.

Riot will be revealing more details about VALORANT in the coming weeks before the game’s release this summer.