Riot posts cryptic teaser for potential new VALORANT agent

A new agent might appear soon.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans might see a new agent soon based on a new teaser posted today that shows a mysterious character looking over their notes. 

The latest teaser shows someone sitting at a desk writing in a notebook. The character’s hand is golden with a purple gem on the back of their palm and their notes contain references to existing agents and maps. 

Players noticed the notebook has a drawing of Ascent and another teaser released on Facebook shows a cosmic version of the map. It’s unclear if Ascent will receive updates in a future update or if the new character is somehow related to the map. 

The notebook also contains a drawing of Reyna and the character is unsure if she’s good or bad. The bottom corner features a drawing of a character shooting an object at Viper, which might hint at the new agent’s abilities. 

Riot Games recently hinted that a “galaxy-brain” controller was on the way and that players who “like to study everything that happens on a map” will enjoy the character. The new agent is also a “cosmic shift” from what players are accustomed to. The latest teasers line up with the galaxy-themed comments, although it’s unclear how the new agent’s abilities will work. 

A new controller would be a welcomed addition to VALORANT since Omen has dominated the role at all levels of competition. The next agent might add a new viable ability set that will help introduce variety to matches.

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