Riot is shipping a hotfix to increase Vanguard’s compatibility with cheat-vulnerable drivers

Hopefully this fixes the widespread PC issues that some VALORANT players have been experiencing.

Image via Riot Games

Over the past couple of weeks, VALORANT players have brought up complaints about Vanguard and how Riot Games’ new anti-cheat system is breaking their PC’s drivers. But now, the developer is releasing a hotfix that should solve some of these issues today.

Many people have experienced problems with Vanguard blocking multiple other essential programs on their computers, such as their mouse and keyboard drivers, MSI Afterburner, as well as their video card drivers. As a result, people get their PCs “soft-bricked,” which requires them to boot up into safe mode to fix.

Others have experienced a “blue screen of death” in many extreme cases, which has prompted many players to uninstall the game and Vanguard from their computer until the issues are fully resolved.

Many other players who didn’t have any problems with Vanguard still uninstalled the game out of fear that their computer could break itself at a moment’s notice. The game is still in closed beta, but this problem required an immediate fix before Riot lost a ton of its player base.

Riot’s anti-cheat lead Paul “arkem” Chamberlain responded to these reports yesterday, saying that Vanguard’s current notification pop-ups aren’t as good as they could be. Riot wants to make things as smooth as possible without giving an opening to cheaters.

Players across the globe are now crossing their fingers in the hopes that this hotfix allows them to play VALORANT without having to worry about their computer failing to start or having an essential process get blocked.