Riot is giving away 10 free VALORANT Radiante Points for Amazon Prime users

Even more free gifts will be available at a later date.

Image via Riot Games

Now’s the chance to upgrade your VALORANT weapons. Riot Games is handing out 10 Radiante Points for players with Amazon Prime

Simply link your VALORANT and Amazon Prime accounts together and you’ll unlock exclusive items in-game. At the moment, 10 Radiante Points are up for grabs. But further down the line, more free goodies will be available.

Amazon Prime can be activated with a free seven-day trial or purchased for $5.99 a month. It can be canceled at any time. 

Radiante Points are ordinarily gained through completing contracts from the battle pass or bought directly from the game’s store for 1,600 VP (or roughly $19.99) and up. They can be spent on evolving weapons with new features, like upgraded VFX, audio, and animations. Some special skins also can be improved with new finishers and variants.

Admittedly, 10 Radiante Points isn’t the most exciting free gift, but it’s better than nothing. When combined with points earned through the battle pass, it all adds up. Just 10 points can upgrade a weapon to level four, the highest skin level.