Riot discusses future plans for VALORANT lore: ‘Keep an eye out for the next act’

There's just under a month until the next VALORANT act launches.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ creative director for VALORANT, David Nottingham, has given players some insight as to what they can expect out of the game’s lore and story in the near future. 

VALORANT recently released a monstrous content drop in June with the launch of Episode Three, Act One. In addition to the release of the game’s latest agent, KAY/O, VALORANT saw the addition of a new battle pass for players to grind out. 

Right now, though, the biggest challenge Riot is facing when it comes to VALORANT’s in-game story is the distance between those large content releases. Since the game’s launch, VALORANT has placed a priority on bombastic, albeit sporadic, releases. With large influxes of content at one point, followed by months of waiting for the next big release, VALORANT fans are often left waiting for more.

“Often we are putting so much time and energy into landing those big drops (new agents, new maps), and then we barely recover before working on the next one,” Nottingham said in a tweet earlier today.

Moving forward, though, Riot is making it a priority to create smaller pieces of content to satisfy VALORANT fans in between the game’s huge content drops every few months. The VALORANT developers are looking to “increase the range of content drops so it’s not just big, but also intermediate and small resulting in [a] more steady stream,” according to Nottingham

And while Riot hasn’t provided any specific updates about what type of content VALORANT players can expect in the near future, Nottingham did explicitly tell players to “keep an eye out for the next act.”

The next VALORANT act will launch on Aug. 24.

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