Riot dev breaks down how distance affects which VALORANT player sees the other first when peeking

Peekaboo, they see you.

Image via Riot Games

Some VALORANT players are frustrated when they’re killed by a target they can’t see. Well, one dev has an answer.

Riot Games API developer Tuxedo enlightened VALORANT fans on angles today, explaining the most effective way to peek corners.

The player who is peeking an angle from a longer distance will have the advantage of seeing their opponent first, according to Tuxedo. If both players are slowly creeping around an angle, the person further away will be able to see the enemy’s shoulder while the other player sees nothing.

The API developer illustrated this concept with several in-game examples as well.

On Bind, for example, a player rounding the corner from A site’s bath is at a major disadvantage. Those looking from further away will be able to see their opponent coming and potentially get the first hit.

Despite the disadvantage, however, there are ways to work around peeking an angle from a shorter distance.

“If you’re going to peak long C [on Haven], I’d say don’t do it slowly because the person holding the long angle will see you before you see them,” Tuxedo said in a Reddit thread.

Since rounding some corners at a disadvantage is inevitable, players can take a wider peek rather than turning a corner slowly. Another option is to use your utility spells or get back up from a teammate.