Riot deploys “temp fix” for VALORANT overtime bug causing single-round elimination in Competitive mode

The win-by-two format should be back in ranked queues.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT bug bringing back sudden death mode to ranked queues has been fixed, according to game director Joe Ziegler.

The Riot dev explained today that a “temp fix” is now live for the issue that caused players to compete in a single-round overtime elimination in Competitive queues. This replaced the newly introduced win-by-two format.

“We’ve pushed a temp fix to live for now but everything should be resolved when the latest patch is live,” Ziegler said.

While the sudden death elimination is still active for unrated matches, Riot deployed a win-by-two overtime format for ranked matches earlier this month. But it appears an issue threw players into the sudden-death format in ranked matches, with numerous fans complaining about the bug last night. The typical win-by-two format should now be live in Competitive mode due to the temporary fix, with a concrete solution being deployed in the upcoming patch.

The win-by-two format brought some fairness to the competitive setting. It was unfair to have the fate of a game decided in one round, especially if a team held the favorable attacking or defending position.

If players end up tying in overtime, both teams can vote on accepting a stalemate or participating in another two rounds. A draw can still increase your rank and won’t adversely affect it, giving players an added incentive.