Riot adjusts queue times for Radiant players in VALORANT

This is a welcome update for high-ranked players.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released a small update to the competitive queue in VALORANT today that should allow Radiant players to find matches “slightly quicker.” 

Making it to the Radiant rank in VALORANT is something most players can only dream of. This means you're one of the best players in the region and can likely compete with the top players in the world. But this also means there are fewer players for you to face in public matches and queue times are usually longer. 

TenZ, one of the best North American VALORANT players who retired earlier this month, recently experienced a four-hour wait to find a match on his main account. This isn't an isolated issue, either. Professional players often complain about the wait times at higher levels. 

Riot is aware of this issue and pushed a small update live alongside Patch 2.01, which was released earlier today. The smaller update should help Radiant players find matches faster and prevent them from being stuck in a queue. 

Riot will continue to monitor queue times for high-ranked players and will adjust the process further if needed. This is good news for the best players in the world since they'll no longer have to set aside hours to find a match.

Patch 2.01 introduced a significant overhaul to Split, a notorious map for attackers. The updates should provide more chances for attackers to take sites and the removal of cubbies and deep corners will make moving around the map easier. 

Patch 2.01 and the smaller competitive update should provide a better experience for VALORANT players of all skill levels.