Riot adds new features in Patch 1.07 to help VALORANT streamers hide their identity during games

Streamers rejoice.

Image via Riot Games

If you’re a content creator who was running into a ton of stream snipers and trolls in VALORANT, then Riot Games has some good news for you. Riot has added a couple of new features that will help prevent people from spotting popular broadcasters in their VALORANT matches.

In Patch 1.07, Riot will now allow players to hide their names from non-party members so that other players will only see the names of the agent they’re playing. Additionally, players can hide the names of others in their game who aren’t in their party, replacing their Riot ID with the name of the agent they’re playing as.

This new feature should help prevent streamers from getting stream sniped since one of the easiest ways to see if you’re in the same lobby as a content creator is to check the name. Trolls can also check the names of the streamer’s teammates and opponents to confirm that they’re facing off against the right person.

Many content creators have voiced their complaints against VALORANT and their lack of a streamer mode. A streamer mode is essential for these people—especially the more popular broadcasters—since they’re subject to plenty of trolls and other abuse during their games.

Once a player finds out that they’re in the same lobby as a streamer, some people take advantage of that fact by dealing damage to the broadcaster with abilities, trolling them by intentionally dying, or simply spamming abuse through voice chat.

Although this isn’t a surefire way to block all stream snipers, these are great steps to ensure that the competitive ranked scene is a better place for people to make more content in a game they enjoy.