Riot adds new “Epilogue Chapter” with exclusive rewards to VALORANT’s Act III battle pass

"The climb doesn't stop at the top."

Image via Riot Games

For VALORANT players cruising through the Act III battle pass, you’re in luck.

Riot is adding a new Epilogue Chapter to the end of the battle pass that offers exclusive rewards to those able to grind it out, the VALORANT Twitter revealed today. The extra chapter will include a Gold Discotech gun buddy, a Gold Versus Vandal and Phantom player card, and 30 extra Radianite points.

The bonus tiers will likely come free with the battle pass and are “exclusively earned with XP.” This may indicate that players can’t spend VP to level up the Epilogue Chapter.

The added chapter is a good move from Riot, especially after fans complained about the slow-moving progression of last season’s battle pass. Act II featured weekly missions that were difficult to finish and the devs admitted that completion rates “weren’t as high” as they wanted them to be. So Act III’s pass will be three weeks longer and offer easier weekly missions.

But determined players will still get additional rewards for progressing consistently throughout the season.