Raze player gets a team ace by only using her abilities in VALORANT

No guns, no problem.

Image via Riot Games

Raze has been the most controversial agent among VALORANT players since the game’s closed beta was released in April. But one player showed how strong she can be by taking down an entire team by only using her abilities yesterday.

On the map Bind, the Raze was defending the A site during the first round of the match. The opposing team decided to rush straight through A short and ended up taking over the site quickly with a well-placed Sage wall. This wasn't a problem for Raze, though.

Without any line of sight, Raze first tossed one of her Paint Shell grenades over the Sage wall and secured two quick kills. She also threw her Boom Bot over the truck on the site, which grabbed her another kill.

Afterward, she threw yet another grenade—which had been refreshed with two kills—while also throwing over a Satchel Charge. The combination of explosives ended up acing the enemy team, much to the excitement of his teammates.

The general community, on the other hand, felt vindicated on their stance around Raze's kit. Many people still think that Raze doesn't fit in with the collection of agents that have to rely on their aim and weapon skill to take down enemies.

Players even quoted Riot Games' CEO Nicolo Laurent, who said before the release of VALORANT that "you don’t kill with abilities" and that they only "create tactical opportunities to take the right shot." Clearly, Raze's power relies on her abilities and her explosives can be all a team needs to win a round.