Omen player pulls off incredible 1-vs-5 in VALORANT

The spooky agent has powerful abilities.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes, it takes pretty much everything to win.

An Omen player and their VALORANT teammates learned that today as they pushed toward the B site on Haven. With all of their teammates eliminated, Omen was forced into a one-vs-five situation, something no one envies.

After using Omen’s Shrouded Step ability, the player hid below the window in Garage and secured an easy kill on an unsuspecting player. They proceeded to push into the window and into C Link near the B bombsite. Another enemy player was watching the area with a Marshal but luckily missed their first shot. 

The player used the Dark Cover ability to break the line of sight and to cover themselves as they teleported behind the enemy. After teleporting the player found another easy kill on a surprised enemy and pushed toward another player hiding in their Dark Cover who they eliminated with an easy headshot. 

They returned to Garage and dropped another Dark Cover on the entrance from mid-map, where the Spike was dropped. They killed the last two enemies with well-placed headshots with the ghost and won the round for their team. 

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Omen is one of the strongest agents in VALORANT who can be used effectively on offense and defense. The player used almost all of Omen’s abilities to out-maneuver the enemy players and to isolate them into one-vs-one situations. Any players unsure of what agent to unlock next should heavily consider Omen.