New cinematic trailer shows a first look of VALORANT’s Agent 14

The mysterious figure makes his first appearance.

Image via Riot Games.

Although VALORANT Episode Two kicks off on Jan. 12, fans got a first look at Agent 14 in today’s cinematic trailer.

The trailer showcases Phoenix working alongside Agent 14 as they work to defuse a spike while confronting Jett, Cypher, and Viper. Agent 14 can be heard talking to Phoenix throughout the opening before he emerges from a rift between dimensions and saves Phoenix from being sniped by the opposing Cypher. From there, the pair take down the remaining enemies and defuse the spike while bantering about their approach on the way out. 

You can see several of Agent 14’s potential abilities in the trailer, from his apparent ability to travel silently through dimensions while only leaving behind footprints, or some kind of teleport that he uses during his confrontation with Jett. 

More details about Episode Two Act One, including a full rundown of Agent 14 and all of his traits, will be available closer to Jan. 12.