NA’s rank 8 VALORANT player banned during scrim with Dignitas’ all-female roster

The infamous "cheater detected" screen appeared only five rounds into the match.

Image via Riot Games

Cheaters never prosper. In a recent VALORANT scrim against Dignitas Female, a high-ranked cheater was detected by Vanguard, much to the surprise of everyone in the match.

ReFleckFPS was rank eight in North America at the time, according to Tracker.GG, and was "a tryout" for the team that Dignitas was facing. Vanguard detected the cheater only five rounds into the scrim before completely shutting down the custom game.

In response, Dignitas player Showliana posted a screengrab of the in-game message and a clip of the moment was subsequently posted as well. Meanwhile, ReFleckFPS has deleted all of his social media accounts since the incident occurred.

ReFleckFPS had 173 wins, which was in the top 2.3 percent of all players in the region, according to Tracker.GG. He was also in the top two percent in kills and the top 1.6 percent for headshots. In a majority of his matches in competitive, he was the top fragger for his team, even though his win rate sat at 56.5 percent.

Cheating is still a large problem in VALORANT, even though Riot said it's been doing its best to stem the tide of hackers in the game so far. But there will always be holes in the anti-cheat, which allows players like ReFleckFPS to climb the leaderboards undetected.

Riot will need to find a way to detect more high-ranked hackers so the competitive integrity of the VALORANT scene can stay clean moving into the rest of 2021.