Multiple map changes are hitting VALORANT in Patch 1.02

Clearing angles should be a bit more "straightforward" with these adjustments.

Image via Riot Games

Since the closed beta release of VALORANT in April, players have raised concerns about the abundance of deep corners on many of the maps in the game. They make it hard to enter certain areas since people need to clear out so many angles before moving forward.

But now, Riot Games is making another round of map changes to help with these issues. Here are all the new map changes headed to VALORANT in Patch 1.02.


Image via Riot Games
  • Garage Doors
  • Entrance to C Long on Attacker Side
  • Cover in A Lobby restructured to open up the space which allows for additional sight lines and traversal options
  • C Link
  • A Link
  • The Entrance to A Sewer and the bottom of A Sewer


Image via Riot Games
  • Defender spawn entrance
  • Attacker side of A Main (including a self-boost to gain an additional angle to peek A Main as an attacker)
  • Garden entrance


Image via Riot Games
  • A Bath entrance
  • B Teleporter Exit and B Window entrance


  • Defender Spawn
Image via Riot Games

“The intention is that angles that are more difficult to clear are most commonly found in areas meant to reinforce existing territory control,” Riot said in the patch notes. “This is to emphasize ability usage and teamwork in order to reliably gain control of these locations.”

You can test out these new angles now—Patch 1.02 is live and ready to go. These changes should make it easier for players to push into areas where enemies could previously entrench themselves into corners.