MoonMoon picks a bad time to swap weapons in VALORANT

Patience is a virtue.

Image via Riot Games

The new VALORANT beta has attracted an eclectic assortment of content creators on Twitch. While many people have leaned toward watching influencers with CS:GO experience, some broadcasters with other backgrounds have been playing the game as well.

MoonMoon made a name for himself as an Overwatch streamer following the game’s release in 2016. Following the mass exodus of content creators from the title when the Overwatch League started competition, though, he moved into playing a variety of games as a way to keep things fresh.

While MoonMoon doesn’t typically fight for viewers in some of the oversaturated categories, it would have been hard for him to not give VALORANT a try when it came out. As a player with little experience with CS:GO, MoonMoon was given a hard lesson in some of the nuances of slower, tactical shooter last night.

In one round, MoonMoon camped a corner of the map, waiting patiently for an unsuspecting opponent to walk by, coming right into his crosshairs.

“Is this Counter-Strike, chat?” he said. “Whoever walks around this corner…”

As soon as Moon let his guard down for one moment to switch weapons, an enemy walked by with their back exposed before turning quickly and shooting him. After waiting for almost a full minute, he never had a chance to surprise the opposing player because he was swapping weapons.

“As soon as I switch, as soon as I switch,” he said. “I sit there for one fucking minute dude, and I’m like, ‘I’m just going to toss this over there, and we’re good.’”

MoonMoon will likely get better, though. While playing the game for nearly nine hours yesterday on stream, the former Overwatch player averaged 16,191 viewers, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome.