Mang0 ends final VALORANT closed beta match with an ace

There's no better way to end a beta.

Image via Riot Games

Popular streamer Mang0 finished his final match in the VALORANT closed beta with an impressive ace today.

Mango was protecting the B bombsite on Bind in the final round of a tied VALORANT match. The enemy team already killed two of his teammates and had control of the bombsite. Another one of Mang0’s teammates was eliminated when trying to push onto the site, which left Mang0 in a two-vs-five situation.

An enemy Jett player rushed Mang0’s position and was immediately eliminated. Mang0 proceeded to flank around the bombsite while his teammate tried to get a pick from the opposite side. But Mang0’s last teammate was killed, which put him in a one-vs-four scenario.

After exiting B Elbow, Mang0 swiftly killed two enemies and used Sova’s Recon Bolt to show where the last two players were on the bombsite. Mang0’s ultimate was also ready, which allowed him to pick up another easy kill through a wall. The last two players were now in an intense one-vs-one situation that would determine the winner of the match.

The last enemy used Cypher’s Cyber Cage to limit Mang0’s visibility, forcing him to push the bombsite blind. Mang0 was unfazed by this, though, and swiftly killed the final player hiding in the smoke. Mang0 defused the bomb to win the match and ended his last game of the beta with an incredible performance.

A lot of players had exciting endings in their final matches of the VALORANT beta. Hiko won his final round with a knife ace and a lobby of players ended their match with a five-vs-five knife battle.

Fans can see more of Mang0’s skills in VALORANT when the game is released on June 2.