Lirik shows off VALORANT’s skill test for when you first boot up the game

This is a cool feature.

Image via Riot Games

The curtains are up on VALORANT, Riot Games’ new FPS, and Twitch’s top streamers are showing off their captured gameplay.

One of Twitch’s biggest stars, Lirik, showed off a new feature in VALORANT today, which is a tutorial and skill test rolled into one. When you first play the game, you’re thrown right into the action to test things like aim sensitivity and more.

After you choose a gun, you’re sent into a shooting range where bots spawn in rapid succession. You’re tasked with headshotting as many of them as fast as you can—and Lirik says this determines your skill in the game.

“This is them collecting your data and putting you in a pool to see how shitty you are at the game,” Lirik said.

This is obviously a cool feature, but it’s unclear how, if at all, this will actually affect your skill ranking or MMR in the game. It might just be a cool way to get accustomed to the game.

VALORANT’s closed beta begins next week, April 7. Twitch viewers can gain access by watching today’s streams.