Latest VALORANT patch potentially adds starry teaser for upcoming agent

Fans can expect a controller for “galaxy brain” players.

Image via Riot Games

Today’s VALORANT Patch 2.03 brought numerous balance changes to the tac shooter. But lore enthusiasts may be more interested in a potential teaser for the game’s next agent.

The VALORANT Lore // Art Discord community seemingly discovered a starry teaser for the upcoming agent, initially encountered on Haven’s defender spawn. Players have found the floating Easter egg on other maps as well.

The Easter egg is reminiscent of galactic stars found on the Bridge Between Worlds player card for this season’s battle pass. Not much is known about VALORANT’s next agent, but Riot gave out several hints in last week’s State of the Agents post.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Character producer John Gosicki used various space-themed terms when describing the controller, explaining that “galaxy brain” players will enjoy playing them since they offer a “cosmic shift” from the current play patterns.

Riot has made it common practice to slip in teasers for upcoming agents. Prior to Killjoy’s release, Split was updated to include a silhouette cut out of the sentinel. And players encountered Yoru’s Fakeout footsteps on Icebox before the agent hit the live servers.

While more teasers, leaks, and data-mined information may be released in the coming weeks, fans can expect the controller to go live next month in Episode Two, Act II.

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