Latest VALORANT glitch drags Jett back toward Split’s ropes after dashing

Not another one.

Image via Riot Games

It appears the ropes on Split are once again guilty of causing a VALORANT bug.

A VALORANT player encountered a glitch last night that stops Jett in her tracks, dragging her back to the ropes on Split. Dot Esports was able to reproduce the glitch, too.

If players attach to any ropes on Split immediately after using Jett’s Tailwind signature ability, they dash forward before being pulled backward. It appears that because the “attach” animation is input after the dash, it still needs to be fulfilled regardless of Jett’s location.

The usefulness of the glitch is debatable, however. Players can use the glitch to scout out a location quickly before being dragged back to the ropes. This way, you can get an idea of where the enemies are if you’re mounting an attack or defending a site. But your opponents can still pick you off if they’re quick enough.

A Jett player will most likely use Tailwind to reposition themselves, either engaging aggressively or quickly moving out of harm’s way. Because those are beneficial strategies, wasting it on the glitch might not be worth it.

This isn’t the first time that Split’s ropes caused a glitch, though. Another player discovered that you could scale invisible ropes undetected by using Omen’s ultimate right before attaching to the ropes. This allowed players to climb up and down flank corners and pick off unsuspecting victims. That bug was patched out, however.

If this glitch starts adversely affecting matchmaking, VALORANT devs will likely patch it out as well.