Jett player successfully runboosts teammate from short A to heaven on VALORANT map Bind

People are finding new ways to superjump.

Image via Riot Games

There are many ways to traverse a map in VALORANT, from Blast Packs to teleportation. But many players have discovered that you can actually perform a CS:GO runboost in the game with Jett—to the extreme.

A runboost in CS:GO is performed when a player jumps on another teammate's head and, while both players are running, the player on top can jump much farther than normal.

Although players aren't able to stand on each other's heads in VALORANT, people have found out that Jett can use her various speedy abilities to boost teammates to an extraordinary degree, as seen in this clip by streamer SweetJayPee.

Most players have figured out how to Jettboost their teammates over the truck that sits on the A site on Bind, but this was the farthest boost we've seen to date. Although it might not be too viable in an actual game since the timing and positioning must be perfect, it could be useful in certain situations.

But this surely isn't an intended effect that Riot Games wants in the closed beta. Even though this is a unique way to get a teammate into a better position on the map, it isn't a healthy interaction—especially for the opponents who suddenly see a player fly across the sky with almost no counterplay.

It's unclear how Riot will work around this new ability or if it'll decide to patch this out when the next game update hits.