How to watch VCT Masters Reykjavík

Fans have several ways to watch Masters Reykjavík.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík event starts on May 24 and is the first international VALORANT LAN event in history. The top 10 teams from around the world will compete for the title and fans will get to see the regional champions clash for the first time. 

Understanding when and where to watch the tournament can be confusing, but fans can track the action in multiple languages and on several platforms. 

Masters Reykjavík will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube in multiple languages to cater to fans from each region. The tournament begins on May 24 and ends on Sunday, May 30.

Here’s the full schedule for the event:

  • Monday, May 24 – 10am CT: Upper bracket round one and two
  • Tuesday, May 25 – 10am CT: Upper bracket round two
  • Wednesday, May 26 – 10am CT: Lower bracket round one and upper bracket round three
  • Thursday, May 27 – 10am CT: Upper bracket round three and lower bracket round three
  • Friday, May 28 – 10am CT: Lower bracket round three and upper bracket final
  • Saturday, May 29 – 10am CT: Lower bracket round four and lower bracket final
  • Sunday, May 30 – 10am CT: Finals

Fans can watch the tournament on multiple Twitch channels that will be streamed in several languages. Here’s a full list of the available Twitch options:

The tournament will also be broadcast on YouTube in English, Turkish, and Russian. Don’t miss out on the biggest VALORANT event so far and make sure to find the right viewing experience for you. 

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