Hiko on VALORANT: “I feel like the meta is going to become Omen Viper instead of Brim Omen”

The pro discussed the tactical shooter's future meta.

Photo via DreamHack

100 Thieves captain Hiko weighed in on the direction of VALORANT’s meta during his Twitch broadcast today.

The former CS:GO pro claims Omen and Viper may become the two superior agents with smoke abilities. Hiko explained that Viper is “better long term” than Brimstone, despite believing that her ultimate is “kind of useless.”

“Like Brim right now is kind of cheesy with his mollies and his ult, but I think that Viper’s mollies now are probably better,” Hiko said. “The reason why Omen is so good is because his flash is insane and also his smokes are super necessary for AWPers.”

Viper got some love in Patch 1.02, earning the ability to Toxic Screen through walls and giving Snake Bite the Fragic debuff for enemies that walk on it. While her ultimate may still be situational, Hiko believes she can potentially take Brimstone’s place in a competitive team comp.

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Omen has also been vastly improved from the closed beta. His Paranoia got a makeover and is now an excellent way to flash multiple enemies. And having a global smoke that recharges over the course of a round is great for dealing with pesky snipers.

Since ranked queues and the VALORANT pro scene is still in its early iterations, the meta is quite fickle. But a more stable team comp may emerge as the season progresses.